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A lot happens in the bathroom: quick morning zombie routines, a DIY make-up session, cozy spa evenings with candles and bubbles, a hot shower on a cold day (hello December), maybe some romance,… Because of al these different activities my … Lees verder

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One of the best parts of winter is the the cold and darkness outside, when you realize how lucky you are getting warm and cozy in your own little place! Maybe my instant happy December feelings are getting a little … Lees verder

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For months and months I’ve been decorating my dream house (only imaginary) and I’ve put together the perfect furniture, decoration and color palette to create my own little perfect place! The problem is that I had assumed that all the … Lees verder

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For my first real post I thought I’d share some of my current interior inspiration with you. This is basically what’s keeping me busy for the last couple of weeks. In less than two months my boyfriend and I are … Lees verder

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