A lot happens in the bathroom: quick morning zombie routines, a DIY make-up session, cozy spa evenings with candles and bubbles, a hot shower on a cold day (hello December), maybe some romance,… Because of al these different activities my future bathroom needs to be functional, relaxing, beautiful and because I love light, I need it to be white, with some natural accents like plants and wood. It seems like I totally know what I want wright now, but the problem is I still haven’t figured out my bathroom style. I know that I like it modern, white, with some natural accents, but it seems I like different styles. Luckily I am only 23 years old and don’t (yet) own my own house. So I can take it easy and figure it out!

I am a huge fan of white interiors. They feel open, airy and look bigger and more inviting. Mirrors help to make a room brighter. A well-placed mirror makes the most of a room’s natural light and opens a small space.

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A bathroom needs to be functional. I need storage for towels, make-up, a hairdryer, beauty products, my boyfriends stuff like a trimmer, gel,… As much as I like storage, I like simplicity and minimalistic design. Luckily storage can look beautiful and minimalistic to, take a look!

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White rooms are beautiful, but sometimes they need some warmth. By adding just a few natural elements in the room, such as baskets, plants, flowers, beautiful towels or a wooden ladder (as a drying frame), a room can get a total different look!

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Even bathrooms with a lot of wood can look fresh, light and modern!



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