For months and months I’ve been decorating my dream house (only imaginary) and I’ve put together the perfect furniture, decoration and color palette to create my own little perfect place! The problem is that I had assumed that all the interior decisions would be up to me since I was the self-appointed interior designer and CEO of decorating our apartment. Apparently I forgot all about the boyfriend and the fact that he should have a say as well. Luckily he loved my interior mood-board (thank God for pinterest) so I thought everything was going to be alright!  Just one little problem! When we went furniture (window) shopping it turned out we totally don’t agree on our future couch! I prefer fabric, he prefers leather, I prefer a light color, he prefers black,… Can we disagree more? One thing is for sure, finding our (read my) perfect couch is definitely going to be a hard task! I hope we are going to end up whit one we both like!

Here are a few glimpses of my dream living room and couch! As you can see, all light and fabric!

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Ps: Click on the photos to see the source.

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